Over the past few years, our College membership has grown to more than 30,000 members. Increased member participation in the programs of both the National College and our Provincial Chapters has enabled us to become more effective as the voice of family medicine in Canada – recognized and regularly included at the tables of governments and the other major medical and health care stakeholders. Our commitment to advocating for enhanced support, including appropriate remuneration, for all family physicians in Canada in their roles in patient care, teaching and research is unwavering. We are delighted with the progress of the Family Medicine Interest Groups, now present in every medical school in Canada, and the impact that they have had in helping to increase the percentage of medical students selecting family medicine as their first choice career from 24 percent in 2004 to 32 percent in 2010.
In November 2013, we welcomed more than 3,000 registrants to Family Medicine Forum (FMF) in Vancouver.
Other CFPC priorities include:

  • Ongoing advocacy for models of family practice to support family physicians in providing continuing comprehensive care.
  • Initiatives to support family physicians with special interests or focused practices as part of comprehensive care family practices, including the introduction of a new Section of Family Physicians with Special Interests or Focused Practices.
  • Opportunities for experienced non-certified family physicians to become part of the specialty of family medicine through a time limited alternative route to certification (ARC).
  • Ongoing support for medical students (through their involvement with the Section of Medical Students), residents, and family medicine teaching faculty.
  • The Implementation of more user-friendly ways for you to record your MAINPRO® credits.
  • The introduction of new resources to support you in your practice.