Best Advice Guide on Social Determinants of Health

As part of the ongoing development of the Patient’s Medical Home (PMH), the CFPC released its Best Advice Guide on Social Determinants of Health. The PDF versions of the document available on the PMH  The social determinants of health, such as income, disability, education, employment , food security etc are widely recognized as contributing to health […]

CFPC Governance Proposal: A smaller Board for greater efficiency

We Invite Your Input! The growth of the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC), and a commitment to follow best practices, have created an opportunity to change the College’s national governance structure in order to ensure continued accountability as well as timely and effective governance; enhance efficiency; and increase opportunities for member engagement. College […]

Radon. Is it in your patient’s home?

A free one-hour, online course is now available to inform health-care providers about radon and the need for indoor air testing for this invisible gas linked to 3,200 Canadian cancer deaths each year. The course Radon: Is it in your patients’ homes was created by the Division of e-Learning Innovation at McMaster University and is […]

Maternity & Newborn Care Video

The Maternity & Newborn Care Program Committee is pleased to share our recently developed video with you.  The purpose of this video is to increase awareness that many family doctors provide all aspects of maternity care including prenatal, delivery, and postnatal care, as well as newborn care, emphasizing the benefits of comprehensive and continuous care. […]