Advantages of obtaining a CAC, for any family physician with added competence in a domain of care of Family Medicine

  • Only holders of CACs will be able to use the special designation CCFP(XX) , and this will be the only indicator of the added competence status in our membership information.
  • Starting in 2016, all successful graduates of enhanced skills programs will receive a CAC, and this will be the only certificate of this nature delivered by the College. There will no longer be attestations of having simply completed enhanced skills programs.
  • “CAC” will be the only term used in all communications for official purposes, such as academic qualifications or credentials. Current family physicians with added competence may wish to have the same qualification as their future colleagues.
  • CAC will be the only official term used for the recognition of successful achievement of the competencies of all CFPC enhanced skills programs, either from residency or from practice. Individuals may wish to have the same qualification as their colleagues with added competence in other domains of care in Family Medicine.
  • Applying for the new CAC will clearly indicate your interest in maintaining a commitment to the College, and to the continued development of enhanced skills practice and training within Family Medicine.